10 Websites to Earn Money Online from Home


Best Ways to Earn Money Online without any risk. Join the below mentioned sites, get involve in that and start making money Online. this list contains Article publishing blogs, Photo Uploading sites etc.

10 websites to Earn Money Online

Nowadays each and everybody use internet to learn something, to find out something, to create something, and to share something. But, some peoples are using internet only for time-pass. We are visiting lots of sites on daily basis to fulfil our requirements. But some of the are really useful sites which are Pay for writing articles, Uploading Photos etc. Today I listed Top 10 Trusted websites that actually pay for complete their tasks. You can Join those sites to Make Money Online and they are not charge anything from you.

1.  Make Money with About.com

About.com is the web’s premiere portal for help information. There’s a big variety of topics to write about. You can write, for example, about national parks or traveling, or sports etc. This portal doesn’t have its own writers, but hires freelance writers and pays them for adding content to About.com on special areas. The great thing is you can easily join About.com. First of all those, who are interested in applying, should point their web browser to the About.com Be a Guide page. Then, on the left-hand side of the About.com Be a Guide page, click “Apply Now”.

You should read the qualifications, intended audience, and topics to cover, click “Next” to go through a series of informational screens and then fill out the form and submit. Remember that the applicant can check application status on the About.com Check the Status of Your Application(s) page. If you become one of the Guides for About.com, start working and enjoy earning pretty easy money.

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2. Make Money with Cracked.com

This is wonderful and quite popular humour site that attracts millions of visitors each month with the wit and humour it offers to its readers. It publishes videos, lists, photos etc. which go viral on all social media networks every day. If you have knack of expressing your humorous side in words, Cracked will be happy to pay you for the same. Write a humorous article and let the readers have the fun. This is the mantra to earn well from Cracked.com.

They also organize weekly contests and you can earn money through that as well. You can add funny videos and earn money. The only thing you need to earn money from this site is that your content should be of top quality. It only published the best pieces. You get paid only when the editors of the site approve and publish it. Finally we can say that Cracked.com is a fantastic way to Make money Online.

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3. Make Money with Shutterstock.com

Shutterstock, a global technology company, has created the largest and most vibrant two-sided marketplace for creative professionals to license content – including images, videos and music – as well as innovative tools that power the creative process.

Contributing images to Shutterstock is free and you will retain the copyright to your work. As for your earnings, you will be credited each time one of your approved photos is downloaded by a Shutterstock subscriber. How much you earn depends on the license and subscription that was used for each download. Buyers subscribe on a monthly basis and can download up to 750 images over the course of 30 days. Shutterstock will initially pay you 25 cents every time one of your images is downloaded, with a tiered set of raises to 33 cents, 36 cents and 38 cents per download as you reach the $500, $3,000 and $10,000 lifetime earning milestones. We can say that Shutterstock is a great source of income for those who loves to capture good photographs.

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4. Make Money with KnowledgeNuts.com

Knowledgenuts site brings interesting and unique facts for users. It is a newly started website launched by the owner of Listverse. Similar to Listverse, it has ‘write and get paid’ options as well. For each article that you write, you get $10 if it gets published. The articles should be impressive and unique. I would suggest you to read some already posted write ups as this will give you a fair idea of what they may be expecting. Make sure you go through their regulations and rules before you submit with them.

Note that this is not a listing website site. Knowledgenuts.com has been created by the founders of Listverse. It is a sanctum for odd knowledge seekers. One often finds obscure, little-know, highly controversial and surprisingly amusing knowledge enhancing articles backed with links on the site. But this website (like Listverse) has a high rejection statistic. My recommendation would be to observe and follow the kind of articles published and also the style of writing before jumping into the field with MS Word.

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5. Make Money with Guru.com

Like UpWork.com, Guru.com gives you a certain number of bidding opportunities for free and more access to gigs with a paid membership. I wasn’t about to pay for a membership so I just tried to bid on some specialty work in the financial industry. This is a humor website that wants you to write funny lists on just about anything. But first you need to get registered that’ll gain you an access to the forum where you to need to pitch your idea for a list. If or when selected you can go ahead and write or co-write the list. With over 300 million monthly page views, this site can get a writer’s dream fulfilled, which is – good money and million readers.

Guru.com is a Very simple interface, easy to work links, a large pool of freelancers and employers, easy dispute resolution, nice rating system and easy payment system for freelancers, excellent SafePay system.

Guru.com is one of the best way to earn money online without any type of monetory risk or and also without boss orders. Enjoy and Happy Making Money Online.

6. Make Money with UserTesting.com

UserTesting.com is hiring regular Internet users to test websites and record their experiences. Whoa, there calm down. You won’t get paid to visit any website Instead, you’ll be employed to check out specific websites in order to give feedback to those website owners. You will be showing a website owner how the average person browses his or her website.

You will need to use their software to record a video of what’s happening on your screen. It will track your mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes and you’ll have to add in spoken comments while you browse the website you’re testing. It generally takes 15-20 minutes to test a website and you’ll be paid $10 for doing so. Don’t expect this to be a full time job however. Yes, $10 for about 20 minutes of work is great pay, but the folks at UserTesting claim you won’t see more than 10 tests a week. Even then, work is on a first come, first serve basis. You’ll need to act fast to land a job. Appreciate the fact that you’ll be able to pick up a little extra side cash in your spare time and UserTesting will make a great little addition to your quest to make money from home.

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7. Make Money with EnvatoStudio.com

Envato Studio is an online shopfront for freelance services, with dozens of categories including logo design, photo retouching and icon design. Soon there’ll be a new category for “Content & Writing“. And that’s where you come in. Freelancers can set up profiles and offer a selection of services for a fixed price and scope. Clients can compare the services on offer and pick the one that’s right for them. When someone orders your service, we provide the tools for you to work together and ways to tackle more work beyond the scope of the original project—our most successful freelancers have lots of repeat clients.

This all means that you spend your time doing the work that you love, rather than chasing clients for work. This is the New Opportunity for Freelance Writers at Envato Studio. visit their website for more and perfect understanding about payments and basic requirements. Envato Studio is another best way to earn handsome money online without any investment.

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8. Make Money with Microworker.com

Microworkers.com is one of the popular websites, which offer small jobs to people, like you and me, for doing those small jobs you’ll get paid. Now the big thing, who is providing these job- the answer is quite simple business people, those want to increase their internet presence. Well, this platform work for them as advertising platform, this is better than even advertising network but up to extent. Well may be you’re thinking how much they paid for doing small jobs like SignUP, Facebook Likes etc, actually they Paid around 08 to 50 cents for each small jobs.

Yes, this much only, but not bad at all because the payment is fixed if you’ll complete the work properly. Now by this you’ll make few dollars per day, but you can make more than even 10$ per day, but you need to have blog for this. I personally don’t have any experience about Microworkers.com, but I can say yes to Microworkers.com is the best way to Make Money Online.

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9. Make Money with TopFiveBuzz.com

As the name suggests the website TopFiveBuzz.com deals with lists of 5 items. The site gives writers a chance to display their writing skills. You can practically make a top 5 listing on anything and everything. But note that the site has a strict no-no policy on promotional links. After going through the basic rules, it is recommended that you got to the ‘Write for Us’ page.

Basic Requirements & Rules to Submit:
A. Article must be authentic
B. Must have minimum of 5 items within the minimum limit of 600 words
C. Can submit relevant images and videos
D. Provide an author’s blur (if you like) and don’t forget to add your Paypal address with your mail.
E. Use proper reference links.
F. you can’t publish your promotional content.
G. You can put your blog link or hyperlink your blog name in your Author’s Bio section.

They pay $5 for every approved article you submit after creating an account. This is another way to Make Money Online without investment.

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10. Make Money with Squidoo.com

Squidoo is a website, but it offers its own version of web pages, called lenses. A lens is a way of looking at some topic that the writer is passionate about that makes it come alive for the reader. Squidoo calls it an “overview” page because many Squidoo users just give a wide overview of the topic. Squidoo comes with a user community, called “SquidU,” that helps newbie Squidoo users to learn the ropes.

Squidoo.com reveals that many people make around $1,000 per year with their lenses. In some unusual cases, people have made $10,000 per year; however, it’s possible you may only make $40 per year, depending on the quality of your lenses and how many people they attract to them.

To get started you first must join Squidoo. You can join for free, all you need to do is go to the Squidoo website and click on Join us. To join you need an email address, choose your username and a password. After you confirm your address you will be a member and you can start creating your first lens.

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Internet offers us many opportunities to make money. But at the same time, it is also filled with lots of scams and fraudsters. We are visiting lots of sites on daily basis to fulfil our requirements. But some of the are really useful sites which are Pay for writing articles, Uploading Photos etc. Earning money on Internet is a brilliant idea. But to successfully earn a decent income, you must first find genuine ways to make money on Internet. In this article, Above mentioned sites are some of the best and trusted sites that you can use to make money online.